Biodanza - the Dance of Life.

Biodanza is a dance class where there are no rules and no judgement - just joy and pleasure in movement and music as part of a group which will make you feel very welcome. There are no strict steps to follow, there is never any need to feel like you aren't "getting it right".

You will develop your natural instincts as you explore the possibilities of what you can create with your body. You will be coming up with new ideas, new steps and new movements, fast and slow.  Dancing has lots of benefits for health and wellbeing.  The activities are always fun and will bring a smile to your face.

It aims to develop and nurture creativity in all participants. It allows free expression of feelings and emotions, dancing to rhythm, melody or both. 

 Dancing is a great way to to meet new people, make new friends. Don’t worry if you are older or younger, Biodanza groups usually have a wide range of ages (our group is for 18+).  Founded by Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro Araneda, it incorporates music and dance from many nations and many eras.

Try Biodanza and dance joy into your life. Just turn up for your first class or learn more about Biodanza. We look forward to your company on our journey of life together!

 Biodanza classes are $20, and there are no contracts.