Dance to meet new people and enhance your social life!

Dancing is a great way to to meet new people, make new friends – and, yes, some lucky dancers do become couples this way – that’s the wonderful thing about human nature!

Biodanza is a dance class where there are no rules and no judgment - just joy and pleasure in movement and music. Our group will make you feel very welcome whether you are a man, a woman, gender diverse, whatever you may be seeking in meeting others. There are no strict steps to follow, there is never any need to feel like you aren't "getting it right".

Don’t worry if you are older or younger, Biodanza groups usually have a wide range of ages (our group is for 18+).

The activities are always fun and will bring a smile to your face. They are easy, and dancing has many benefits for health and wellbeing.  Just turn up for your first class or learn more about Biodanza. We look forward to your company on our journey of life together!

 Biodanza classes are $20, and there are no contracts.